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4 Halloween Themed Kids Crafts

From recycled toilet paper rolls to stylishly painted pumpkins, enjoy this round of unplug play activities for toddlers, preschoolers and adults!

This craft leaves optimum room for imagination. From wrapped up mummies to overgrown teeth turn these rolls into any type of Halloween ghoul you want! Supplies: Recycled toilet paper rolls, guaze, googly eyes, construction papers, glue, markers and scissors. 

Right outside your window, there is a variety  of autumn leaves cascading your yard or local park. Take a stroll and pick some leaves with your little one! Then lay them out, talk about they type of trees the leaves derived. Then take out your glue and have a ball pasting them into little works of art!

Visit you nearest pumpkin patch for your choice of pumpkin sizes and shapes. To add this element of shine to your pumpkin use your choice of bright colors to generously paint you pumpkin! Make sure to have tons of paper towels  or washable towel cloths handy. 

These homemade bats are sure to set the spooky mood for your Halloween festivities. Cut out 2 bat shapes for each bat you want to make. Sew the bat together 80-90% of the way. Stuff the bat with cotton balls until it is as firm as you want. Finish sewing up the bat until it is 100% sewn. Supplies needed: Card stock for tracing the bat template, cotton ball, small scissors, white and black sewing thread, sewing needle & black felt material.  Note: This must be done with an adult.