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Cooking Lessons

Cultivate a sense of good nutrition in your kids by signing them up for a cooking class. Cooking healthy items not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but by working in a hands on in a team kids will develop key leadership skills. Our classes combine mathematical skills through measuring and counting as well as science skills by making predictions and experimenting with how our food changes. Our cooking classes incorporate necessary skills for a young promising chef which include kitchen safety, etiquette and manners, table setting, and much more!

Imaginative Play

Plant a seed of imagination and creativity in your child’s mind by taking part in our imaginative play program.Imaginative play is more than fun- it helps develop thinking, problem-solving skills, and strengthens communication and social skills. Our program ranges from looking at clouds and imagining what they resemble to playing a game of charades or even listening to music with your child and acting out how it makes you feel. Imaginative play is a major developmental milestone!

Parent And Child Classes

Develop an unbreakable bond with your child by booking a parent and child class with us. Join us in forming a strong sense of teamwork in cooking dishes,pottery, or even theater the choice is yours. Studies have shown that children who develop a strong relationship with the parent from an early age tend to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Why not take the step in living a happier life for you and your child by booking an activity with us today!

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